Love your users

With unlimited amount of digital products and services right at our fingertips it’s getting harder and harder for us winning our customers attention and long lasting loyalty. With Millennials becoming the majority of our users we more than ever have to invest in deeply personal and authentic products. 

To create winning products we must get out of our own perspective and see the world through different eyes. We must develop an empathic and authentic product culture that helps us not only to be better teams but also be real problem solvers. Let’s create roadmaps that are truly open to the deep wishes and needs of our users.

Designing products & services people love

How we work

Developing an strong & empathic product culture

    • Assembling a winning team with the right people and skill sets 
    • Embracing an effective lightweight process
    • Escaping the “build trap”
    • Managing and engaging stakeholders with empathy
    • Defining, measuring and celebrating real product success
    • Developing realistic and open product roadmaps
    • Create product transparency across the organisation
    • Continuous training on new methods, tools & technologies

Designing empathic user experiences

    • Determining your target customers
    • Defining your customers “jobs to be done”
    • Discovering the “right” products & features
    • Developing customer experience maps
    • Designing and validating new or extended customer journeys

Shipping product growth

    • Developing and testing new product strategies through smart experiments like MAP (Minimal Awesome Product), A/B Testing, Fake Door Testing

Who we work with

With our deep love to digital products, platforms, communities and more than 15 years of experience we are working with organisations that are open to take on the challenge to build a more empathic & authentic products. 

Work with us

Achieving long-term success

We support you for a long term period. Based on your needs we support you developing you product culture and winging products.  (>6 month)

Achieving short-term success

We support you for a short term period. Based on your needs we support you with strategy consulting, workshops, design sprints and more.  (>2 days)

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